New Player Free Bet Offers with No Deposit

If you happen to be a new player at a sports betting site, you should always look out for free bets that sports sites might offer. However, if you haven't heard of such promotions or don't know how to use them, Daddy will explain everything you need to know about these no deposit bet deals. By the end of this review, you will be fully capable of finding and placing free bets on sportsbook sites and start your betting journey more prepared than you have ever imagined.


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New Customer Free Bets Explained

New players at a sports betting site will almost always stumble upon new customer free bets right after creating an account. For betting sites, free bets are a way to attract as many new players to their venue as possible. Claiming a free bet means players aren’t required to pay for the stake; all of that is covered by the betting website. If your bet is successful and you win, the stake isn’t refunded, and you only receive the profit from the bet. For example, if the stake is $20 and the odds to the bet is +150, if/when the bet becomes a win, you will only receive the $30 profit, not the full $50.

Promo betting sites provide various offers and special new player free bets, so it is a good idea to browse the Internet as much as you can. These types of bets are pretty popular, and they are available on almost every betting site. However, a new player should always check out the terms and conditions page at the sportsbook’s site. This is the place they will find everything they need to know about a specific bet.

Who is Eligible to Claim This Bet?

No deposit bets are usually an offer for new players at sports betting sites. They come in as a welcome bonus or a no deposit promo offer that many casinos give to new players. Moreover, some betting sites and casinos may also offer existing players these promo offers via their VIP Program. When players reach a certain level of the program, they may receive free bets as a reward.

New players also need to know that these types of bets are not entirely free even though “free” is part of their name. Most of the time, new players will have to make a minimum deposit to get these bets. However, if they are no deposit bets, they will undoubtedly come with wagering requirements. Either way, players will have to spend some money, whether upfront with a minimum deposit or later when they have to fulfill certain wagering requirements.

New Player Free Offers Variety

Daddy scoured the Internet and realized that a few types of new player bets were constantly popping up. Precisely these types of bets are what online betting sites mainly offer to their new players. Of course, there are numerous types, but sportsbooks sites almost always offer new players SNR bets, SR bets, and bet bonus refunds.

SNR bets or Stake Not Returned bets are the most common types of bets that sportsbooks sites will offer their new players. As the name suggests, the stake that a punter will put up is covered by the betting site, and if they manage to win the bet, they will only receive the profit of the bet and not the initial stake.

SR bets, or stake returned bets, are another type of free bet that an online sports betting site will offer new players in the form of a welcome bonus or a one-off promo deal. These bets are the straight opposite of the SNR bets because if players manage to win the bet, they will walk away with all the winnings. However, the majority of the time, these types of bets come with wagering requirements. Therefore, before players can withdraw the winnings, they have to fulfill certain wagering requirements.

The final type of free bet that Daddy wants to showcase is the bet bonus refunds. Almost every time, if not all the time, sportsbook sites will require new players to have placed one qualifying bet before they can claim this bet. The purpose of this bet is to give players a second chance. So, for example, when claimed, players will have to place a bet. If they lose, they will receive their initial stake in cash or as an extra bet, usually an SNR bet.

Minimum Required Odds

New players should know that if they choose to claim free bets that some online betting sites offer, the majority of the time, the site will require them to place those bets on minimum required odds.

Not every sportsbook site will require new players to bet on the same odds. Instead, punters can check all this info on the terms and conditions page at the specific betting website. Usually, the minimum required odds are between 1.50 and 2.00. But, again, as Daddy mentioned before, some bookmakers may even set their minimum required odds higher, so new players need to read through the terms and conditions page thoroughly.

The Claiming Process of New Player Bonuses

New players will have to follow a few steps to claim free bet bonuses at a sports betting site or an online casino, which are pretty basic and easy if you ask Daddy. These days, almost every betting site has a flawless website, where everything is laid out and can be found instantly.

The first thing that punters have to do is choose a betting site that offers no deposit bets. Afterward, they will have to create an account and sometimes verify their newly created account. The next big step is to go to the promotion section and choose the desired free bet bonus.

Promo sportsbook sites might require players to make a minimum deposit and enter a special promo code to claim the bonus. However, this won’t be the case with all sportsbooks because some do offer players no deposit bets. So the final puzzle piece is to pick a qualifying bet with minimum required odds and wait for the result.

What to Consider When Redeeming Free Bets for First-Time Players?

Daddy can’t stress it enough when he says that players should always check the terms and conditions page to get all the information about the no deposit bets that the sportsbook site offers.

Since many online betting sites and casinos don’t always specify what type of bets or no deposit bonuses they are offering, it is the primary reason why players should always read the bonus terms and conditions. In addition, they will find information such as whether they have to make a minimum deposit before claiming the promo offer, the number of wagering requirements if there are ones, the minimum required odds, and other important info.

New players or inexperienced ones often go head first without seeing the complete picture and later complain or accuse the betting site or casino of not being fair. They can avoid this if they do their research and read the bonus terms and conditions in advance.

New Player Free Bonuses Validity Period

There isn’t an exact number that Daddy can give you at this moment. This is because every betting site and online casino has different validity periods for their free bet bonuses.

If you manage to find some unbelievably good free bet promotions at sportsbook sites or online gambling establishments, most likely, the validity period will be short. This is because the promotion is so exclusive and lucrative that it’s best to set a limited time for players to use it. Usually, the sports betting site or online casino will give 3 to 7 days to claim and use the bonus for these promotions.

On the other hand, if sportsbook sites feel pretty generous, they will dish out validity periods up to 30 days. This means that the free bet bonus is rather common or that the wagering requirements are not achievable easily. Nevertheless, if a new player wants to claim a free bet, they should always check for the validity period.

Daddy recommends claiming free bets with a longer validity period because new players don’t fully understand the ins and outs of sports betting at the beginning of their gambling journey.

Using Your Free Bet Bonus

As Daddy mentioned previously, before new players use any free bet promotions, they will have to create and verify a new account on the preferred sports betting site or online casino. Once that is all done and you have already claimed your bonus free bet, it is time to use it.

Players will have to consider that some sportsbook sites will require them to bet on specific sports. Also, some sites need players to place their bets on particular leagues, matches, or races. Therefore, it is crucial that new players know the sport or at least have an idea of what they are betting on.

Daddy strictly recommends that players understand the sport they are placing their bets on to increase their chances of winning and make the whole betting experience more way more entertaining. So, for example, it won’t be any fun to place a bet on a horse race if the new player hasn’t seen a horse race in their lives; simply, this departs from the actual entertainment value of sports betting.

New Player Bets in Sports Events vs. Casino Games

Where does Daddy even start when it comes to using no deposit bets on the major sports events? All year round, new players get the chance to bet on some of the most remarkable sports events. If players are into football, an annual event that they can bet on is the Champions League. There, the best football teams from all over Europe are playing against each other to become champions. If American football has a special place in your heart, don’t forget that the Super Bowl takes place at the start of every year.

These are just a couple of examples where players can place no deposit bets that many sport betting sites offer before and during the events. Now, because the site will require some minimum odds, players must pick bets that meet them.

On the other hand, casino games are also an exciting way for players to use their claimed no deposit bets. When entering an online casino, players can visit the game section of the casino, the table games section to be exact, and choose a game they prefer. There are multiple games where they can use their no deposit bets, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, all types of poker, and other exciting table games.

Also, many online gambling houses host weekly and monthly tournaments in which players can participate by going up against other online casino members. Daddy would recommend checking the terms and conditions and the tournament rules because there are many of them where players can’t use their free bets but have to make sure they enter minimum deposits. Besides that, players should easily enter tournaments and try out their skills and luck against other gamblers.

New Player Bonuses vs. No Deposit Bonuses

Free bets and no deposit bonuses have a common feature – players don’t have to make a minimum deposit at the sports betting site or online casino to claim them. However, there is one big difference between these two types of offers.

Free bets are promo offers where the operator covers the initial stake. If the player wins the bet, they will receive all the profit from it; however, the stake won’t be credited to them. Instead, players will only receive all the winnings that they have acquired from their placed bet.

On the other side of the table, no deposit bonuses are perks that online casinos give players to try out some of their featured games. Unlike free bets, players are credited with all winnings (including the stake) with no deposit bonuses. However, before players withdraw their no deposit winnings, they will have to fulfill specific wagering requirements. As a result, no deposit bonuses are riskier because many players can’t meet those wagering requirements or won’t complete them in the given time that the casino has set.

Is It Possible to Turn the Free Bonuses for New Players Into Withdrawable Cash?

The simple answer is yes. All no deposit bets one way or another will give players opportunities to withdraw their cash winnings. However, different types of bets have different outcomes. Previously, Daddy mentioned a few types of bets where for example, players that manage to win their placed bets have to meet specific wagering requirements. These types of bets are more lucrative, and winnings can be bigger, and that is why sports betting sites and online casinos set wagering requirements.

Opposite to those bets, some offers don’t require players to meet wagering requirements. But, of course, the winnings that are likely to be gained from these types of bets are way lower, and if they are stake not refunded bets, which they mostly are, the total winnings aren’t transferred to the players’ account.

All in all, Daddy recommends always paying attention to the bonus terms and conditions. This is because all the information you might need for the promo deals will be implemented there.

New Player Free Bets – The Positives and Negatives

If you ask Daddy, there is no reason not to claim free bet bonuses if they are available at your preferred sportsbook site or online casino. The benefits are pretty obvious, you get a chance to claim extra bets for which you don’t have to deposit any of your money, and if you win, you will get a big chunk of the winnings.

Additional to winnings, free bets are offered by sports betting sites and online casino hubs to boost and enrich your gambling experience. If you don’t want to deposit money for your first bet, these types of promotions are just for you. Plus, you will see if you have any predictions skill and see how lucky you are.

The only thing that can be considered a negative, which can also be avoided, is the wagering requirements. If new players head over to the bonus terms and conditions and read all about the bonus they are about to claim, they can avoid getting hold of bets that require fulfilling wagering requirements. Everything is possible if you do your betting homework!

Daddy’s Tips on Choosing the Best Free Betting Deals for New Players

Daddy’s review wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t give you a few tips on how to choose the best free bet deals for new players.

The first important thing is finding a sports betting site or a legit online casino with all the required licenses and uses all the latest encryption technology, making all personal information and transactions safe and secure.

The second thing that Daddy would advise players is to check the terms and conditions of the bets offered. They will show you whether there are any wagering requirements, and if so, how much time you have to fulfill them. Also, what are the minimum odds required, and which bets can players make.

The last thing that Daddy would recommend is to pick the no deposit bets that don’t have wagering requirements. Even though they might not be the most lucrative, players can still walk away with a decent amount of winnings in their account.

New Player Free Bets FAQ