Guide to the Latest Risk Free Bet Offers

If you're a sports bettor that has just joined an online sportsbook hub or you plan to do so, you should definitely not miss out on the risk free deals. Even if you're new to the sports betting world, Daddy is about to guide you through risk-free betting and explain all about it. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the promo codes that will enable you to place zero risk bets.


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Risk-Free Bonuses – The New Trend in Sports Betting

Today, most sports betting sites try to make a name for themselves and become part of the incredibly profitable market. Hence, they are ready to spend a lot of money to attract new clientele. And when it comes to bettors that have access to many online sportsbooks hubs, the trend brings unquestionably good news. It enables players to redeem a variety of promotions in exchange for their loyalty.

Daddy cannot tell with certainty will the trend carry on indefinitely. Nevertheless, for the time being, legitimate online sports betting hubs are lavishing free sports bets and risk free betting incentives on gamblers. So it is up to you to make the most of them.

How Do They Work?

Many players confuse risk-free with free bets. Even though there are similarities, risk free bets come with a major distinction. To lay claim on one, you’d have to lose some funds you invested.

Risk-free bonuses can come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the sportsbook operator, they all have different bonus terms. However, these incentives are rather straightforward. You initially need to wager with your own money, up to the stated amount of the promotion. If it turns out that you’ve placed the right bet and you came out as a winner, the risk-free promotion is unusable. However, if you’ve wagered your own money and you lost the stake, you get your money back with the help of such deals!

The refund you receive doesn’t necessarily come as cash, although some sportsbook operators credit your money back wager-free. However, more often than not, online casinos grant you a refund. Therefore, if you get a clear cash refund – you are good to go. You can use the cash as you please. So whether you decide to wager again or simply choose to withdraw your money, the choice is yours. However, if you receive a bonus, the promotion will come with specific wagering requirements. So you’ll have to make sure to clear before you can cash out the amount. On the other hand, if you receive a free bet, you’ll have to use it in order to make some cash.

Still Doubtful?

If you’re still unsure why any site would offer you such a perk and you’re looking for a catch, Daddy is here to clear any ambiguities. Betting platforms provide free zero risk deals to attract new players, and they grant regulars the opportunity to wager with the intention to build a long-lasting relationship.

The Ultimate Difference Between Free and Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free deals are given by the bookmaker to regular players from time to time on a predefined race or game. They also guarantee them that their money will be refunded if they lose the stake.

On the other side of the coin are the free bets that generally go to newly registered players in the form of credit. They enable newbies to wager without risk – it is not their money that they’re spending, so they have nothing to lose, quite literally. However, free bets shouldn’t be confused with free cash, as the credit has to be wagered to be cashed out.

While the no deposit free deals for novice gamblers are the best deals a bettor can wish for, they aren’t available at most sports betting sites. Instead, most sites offer deposit match-free bets. Moreover, deposit match free bets differ from the standard deposit matched bonuses, as the winnings from the deposit matched free deal are clear of any wagering requirements.

Either way, if you were to place a free bet – you’ve got nothing to lose. The same applies to risk-free deals; even if you’ve placed your money on the wrong team, you won’t lose your stake.

Zero Risk Bonuses – Are They 100% Without Risk?

Daddy cannot stress this enough – unless it is a no deposit offer you are claiming, you should always go over the bonus terms and conditions! There is no better way to determine whether a certain bonus comes with zero risks and whether they are 100% risk free than understanding the requirements that come with the bonuses.

While the no-deposit free deals might come with higher caps than usual, the fact that you don’t have to make any deposit to try out the betting site confirms your zero risk position. Hence, no matter the outcome, you won’t be losing your money – zero risks for you.

Nevertheless, when it comes to risk-free bonuses, you should go through the terms and check what comes with them. For example, if the deal allows you to cash out your losses immediately, with no playthrough requirements – then it comes with zero risks indeed.

Moreover, if the offer refunds you, you’ve still got a way to reach a status quo – while you might not profit from it, you definitely won’t lose anything, hence the zero risk bonus name.

However, if the deal results in you getting another betting bonus from the online sportsbook site, you’ve got no guarantee that you’ll be able to utilize the bonus. Hence why you should be careful, as such offers might come with certain risks.

Profit Expectations From Bets Without Risk

Risk-free betting sounds like a great deal, but Daddy is aware that most people wonder how and whether they can profit from such promotions. And his answer is affirmative – you can benefit from these deals indeed; you just have to learn a few tricks.

Before Daddy gets into the strategy, he’s going to introduce you to a couple of key terms, including matched betting, back bets, and lay bets. For example, a back bet is when you wager for a specific outcome. Furthermore, a lay bet is when you place a stake against an outcome. And when you place a back bet for a match and another lay bet for the same match – you get a matched betting scenario. Matched betting, in essence, cancels out the risk of the initial stake, and it is done by you betting against yourself.

Now, if you’re wondering how you can make a profit out of this, the answer follows shortly. Let’s say you’ve just made an account with a betting site, and you’ve claimed a free bet deal. Your next step is to find another sportsbook site that allows lay bets. Once you find a match with the same for and against odds, you should place the back bet using your free bet credit and wager with your deposited money on the other betting site. Of course, if the team you’ve played on wins – you’ve just made your first profit! Nevertheless, even if the team loses, you are already covered with the lay bet, and you’ll be granted the free-risk money back too!

How to Choose the Best Bonus

Daddy wants to point out a few things you should pay attention to while looking for the best deal. That includes bonus limitations, the bonus expiration date, bonus packages, and minimum odds requirements.

Daddy recommends a thorough reading of the bonus limitations. For example, zero-risk deals might be only available to specific races or leagues that you’ve got no access to. Moreover, once you claim the bonus, the sports betting site activates the expiration period of the prize. It usually ranges from a few days to a month. The longer the bonus expiration period, the better for you.

The best bonus most often comes in chunks. Online sportsbook sites will grant you bonus deals depending on the size of your first deposit in a few stages. However, you should also pay attention to the minimum odds requirements. Most betting sites allow free bets only if they meet predefined minimum odds criteria.

Nevertheless, choosing the best bet bonus depends on the gambler’s preferences too. Therefore, Daddy’s best bet bonus might not be the same as your best bet bonus promo – and that’s fine too.

Risk Free Bonuses – The Most Frequent Use

Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga are the most popular leagues where gamblers use risk free bonuses. This is because the biggest matches of these leagues are the matches that most punters would like to place a bet on, and the bookies that are aware of it are the ones that frequently provide risk-free bets.

Daddy would like to mention that there is a reason why the most popular leagues are the ones that bettors have used the most risk free bets on. It is that sportsbooks sites publish the risk-free bonuses with predefined matches allowed for wagering.

Nevertheless, in rare circumstances, you will be able to place a risk-free wager on a game, a race, or an event as you please. Unfortunately, Daddy has rarely ever stumbled on such zero risk bonus bets offers.

US Market Holds the Most Casino Sites With Zero Risk Deals

The US gambling market has been experiencing a vast expansion, and sportsbook sites are not falling behind either. Daddy has great news for you if you like the US casinos. You’re the lucky bettor that has access to the best sportsbook sites, risk-free bonuses, and odds. Elite sportsbook sites such as DraftKings, Monkey Knife Fight, BetRivers, and BetMGM allow you to enjoy zero-risk bets and bonuses like no other. You can qualify for different deposit bonuses, first bet match bonuses, multi-sport parlay boosts, money clubs, and anything else you can think of.

Daddy’s Choice for the Top No-Risk Bet Casino Sites

Daddy’s favorite risk-free bet casino is BetMGM. The Sportsbook site offers several welcome promos for their newbies, and Daddy finds the overall experience at the casino site to be amazing. For example, newly registered players can place the first bet of up to $1,000. Regulars can bet $25 on a college football one-game parlay and get a $10 live free bet. Moreover, punters frequently receive free bets, and they have a sports betting guide at their disposal.

Risk Free Bonuses – The Best Way to Withdraw Your Winnings

Risk-free bets most often come as a part of a VIP program of sportsbook sites. This means that when you win, it will be treated as a legitimate bet, and you will be able to cash out your profits without needing to stake the won amount in any manner.

That being said, you will not be credited the amount you bet on top of your profits if you win. Instead, it will be the same as if you had placed a standard wager from your balance.

On the other hand, if you happen to lose the bet, you simply receive your money back. That’s because the amount isn’t subject to any wagering requirements. Therefore, if you are given a risk-free wager that pays out clear cash, you can be sure that it is absolutely without risk. All wins may be withdrawn immediately after the game or the race has ended.

Once you’ve made sure your winnings are clear from any wagering requirements, the best way to withdraw your winnings is by picking a withdrawal method that has fast processing times and that comes free of any additional charges.

Do Online Casino Sites Favor No Risk Offers?

Daddy’s experience allows him to say that online casino sites do favor zero-risk offers. However, while in the past most casinos offered these promos in the form of no deposit deals, lately, things have been changing.

Even though most novice players find the situation rather unfortunate, as searching for casino sites that offer no deposit is quite the job, the regular players have benefited from the change.

The professional teams that run casino sites have realized that no-risk offers simulate players much more efficiently than the no deposit deals for one simple reason. The no-risk offers are available to players daily, weekly, or monthly. As a result, it is far more engaging than a one-time bonus deal. Therefore, it is pretty clear that online casinos and sports betting sites favor risk-free offers more than any other bonus deals.

No-Risk Bonuses Compared to Cashback Bonuses

Risk-free bets are part of sportsbook offers, while online casino sites have cashback bonuses that make up the player’s losses. However, Daddy is here to make a head-to-head comparison and highlight the main differences between the two types of bonus offers.

Risk-free bets usually come with specified terms of the maximum wager that will be refunded if the player loses. For example, if the bet has a maximum cap of $500, which the player wagered and lost, $500 will be refunded. However, when it comes to cashback bonuses, things are a bit different. Cashback offers always come with a given percentage. They usually range from 5% to 25%, depending on the player’s status in the online casino. So naturally, the higher the VIP level of the player, the higher cashback offer they are eligible for. Nevertheless, if the casino has a weekly cashback offer, the player must follow the bonus requirements and request their cashback amount.

Another significant difference is that sports bettors get to place risk-free bets on a specified game. They also get refunded for the game in case they miss the outcome. On the other hand, casino gamblers get to play different games if the casino has a weekly cashback offer. The games are usually part of the weekly cashback offer and get their cashback amount at the end of the week.

Regardless, the biggest difference is that while sports bettors get risk-free bets, casino players do take the risk of losing some of their funds.

Common Mistakes When Using a Zero Risk Promo

Risk-free bets are genuine zero risk offers, but still, 2there is a risk that comes from the human factor. For instance, let’s say the promo has a maximum cap of $100, and you place a wager of $150. If you lose, you’ll lose the $50, as the promo clearly states that the refund amount is $100.

Another common mistake is that gamblers keep forgetting to check the minimum odds requirement. You should always keep in mind that if you wager with higher than allowed odds, you won’t get your money back in the case of a wrongly wagered outcome.

Even though such mistakes seem trivial, Daddy’s experience has shown him that a handful of players make the mistake of not checking or neglecting the maximum refund amount when wagering.

Furthermore, plenty of mistakes are made when players are introduced to matched betting. However, once they fully understand the process, risk-free bets become just that – chances with no risks included!

The Pros and Cons – Are Risk-Free Bets Worth It

Once you claim a risk-free promo, you should definitely make the most of it. The advantages of claiming such offers are obvious, and if you maximize the deposit, pick high odds, and win – you will win big! Nevertheless, if you lose, you’ll still get your money back. So, any way you see it, risk-free promos are an excellent way to take a look at the odds you’d normally not consider.

Risk-free offers that grant a refund in the form of another bonus are a bit tricky. If a risk-free offer grants you a refund in the form of another bonus, think twice before claiming such an offer. That’s because you’ve got no guarantee that you’ll manage to monetize the bonus amount.

Nevertheless, if you were to ask Daddy whether it’s worth redeeming a completely risk-free offer, the answer will be a million times yes!

Risk-Free Bets FAQ