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Are you looking to throw a casino-themed party? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve seen our fair share of casino parties over the years. Some were flops, while others were impressed. The main takeaway is that the attention to detail makes for a fantastic themed party. More than that, it is vital to ensure that guests have fun. Some prizes can help keep things a bit competitive and exciting. So, let’s jump into it and create the perfect casino-themed party.

Setting Things Up

The first thing on the list is the venue. You will need to have room for multiple tables for the casino games, which we will get into later. Make sure that there are enough seats for all the guests. Ideally, you will want to keep people moving from one table to another, so make sure there are easy paths.

Then, the basic idea of the party is betting. So, we will need to have some form of currency to keep track of the results. Using real money can make things too serious and is also a tad illegal without proper licensing. Fake currency, like Monopoly money or other printouts, would be ideal. Each guest receives a set amount when entering the party, let’s say $1,000.

The casino funds can be used in several ways. For example, the bar can accept the currency for drinks and finger food. You can also implement a raffle, and guests can buy tickets for the draw using the received chips. More funds mean more tickets and thus a better chance to win at the end of the night.

Casino Games for the Party

The main attraction will be the games. To provide the real casino experience, we will need people to play the role of dealers. They are the ones responsible for taking in the bets, dealing the cards, or spinning the wheel and paying out. These are the top games to consider for a themed casino party:


As one of the most popular casino games globally, roulette is the perfect game for a party. It encourages players to gather at one table and bet together. Guests can start little competitions with their preferred numbers for every spin. The community aspect is what makes this game unique. It also has loads of betting options and payouts for all types of players. Newcomers and quickly learn the ropes, and experienced players can try out different betting combinations.

The drawback with roulette at a casino-themed party is that it requires special equipment. You will need a roulette wheel and a table with all the different betting options. It doesn’t have to be authentic casino equipment, but even a toy version can require some planning. Make sure to shop around ahead of time if you want this casino game.


Blackjack is a more straightforward game to implement within a casino-themed party. While you still need a dealer at the table, you don’t require special equipment. A single deck of cards is enough to get the action going in blackjack. If you plan on having more seats at the table, mix in several decks, and you are set.

Blackjack is pretty easy to play but a bit more demanding than other casino games. The good news is that its popularity means that most guests should already be familiar with it. The downside is that blackjack isn’t a community betting game. Players at the table can get advice from other guests, but it won’t probably be the life of the party. Still, you should have at least one blackjack table to ensure the casino theme.


Sticking to casino card games, poker can be a great fit. Poker can be the only game needed for a casino party. You can even host a small tournament if you have the required tables, decks of cards, and chips. All players start with the same balance, and the winners receive some symbolic prizes for their efforts. The poker table can also be great for talking and socializing among players. The problem is that it doesn’t host that many players. A large table is usually capped at nine participants, or ten if they deal the cards themselves.

An alternative that could also fit in other games is to have one or two ring poker tables. You are ditching the tournament format for the cash game experience but without the real cash. Players can take empty seats and get up at any time. Texas hold ’em is the safest bet when it comes to poker at a party. It is the most popular variant and arguably the most thrilling. Five Card Draw can also be a good choice since it is the simplest variant.


We know that renting slot machines for a party is unrealistic, but we have a simple solution. Load up a free game on a PC, laptop, or tablet. The player buys in with a set amount for a starting balance and can play the game. At the end of the session, the player receives chips based on his results. If they run out of practice credits on the game, they can buy in again. Refreshing the page or changing the game is not allowed since this will change the balance as well.

The great thing here is that you can choose from an extensive library of online free slots. In addition, you can play at an actual online casino or on dedicated sites with game demos. However, we would recommend not to sign in since some guests may mistakenly switch to the real money version.


Another card game that is easy to set up is baccarat. It is also elementary to play as a guest. However, the dealer needs some advanced knowledge of the game due to the dealing rules. The best part is that baccarat doesn’t have a player limit. There are only three possible outcomes in hand, and players can bet on any one of them. Of course, we know that the Banco (or Banker) bet is the best choice given the low house edge. However, the difference of just 0.18% in the house edge may not be that impactful at a party.

Still, baccarat only needs a deck of cards and a somewhat experienced dealer at the table. You don’t even need seats as players can place their bets standing up. This makes it an excellent choice for the prevailing party.

Lottery Prize Draw

As we’ve mentioned at the start, it would be nice to have a lottery game at the end of the night. For this, you will have to print out quite a few tickets with random combinations of numbers. Depending on the number of guests, you should have between 100 and 1,000 tickets ready to go. Next, use a random generator to have combinations of 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 50. Guests can then use their accumulated chips to buy tickets.

The next step is to hold a thrilling draw of five random numbers. Players that match those numbers with the ones on their tickets win. If nobody wins in the first round, you can have a secondary draw. If this is the case again, you can always split the prizes with players who only got four matching numbers.

As for the prizes, these depend on the size of the party and the allocated budget. We wouldn’t recommend using cash, however. Instead, look into affordable gadgets, funny gifts, and other similar objects. The top prize should be something that guests want enough to try at the tables, but not so much that it makes everything feel overly competitive.

Getting Some Practice Online

If you are looking to practice your playing skills or research the games, we recommend online casinos. First of all, online gaming sites are much more accessible than their land-based counterparts. You don’t have to waste time driving to a local casino if you even have one in your area. With online casinos, you can start playing within minutes. These support real money betting so that you can get the whole experience. Furthermore, you can also benefit from casino bonuses and promotions to increase your bankroll.

Check out blackjack, roulette, baccarat, hundreds of slots, and other games online at any time. You might even get some new ideas for the party or train to become a dealer. Consequently, speaking of, live casino games combine the best of both worlds. You get to see the action live while still placing the bets on the virtual interface online.

Additional Casino Party Ideas

A casino-themed party doesn’t have to be limited to classic games that you can find on the casino floor. You can also implement some special versions, such as drinking games, to make things more fun. Here are some of our favorite suggestions that you may consider for your party. Keep in mind that these are aimed at adults of legal drinking and gambling age.

Shot Roulette

As the name suggests, shot roulette is a drinking game with a casino theme. Here, a player doesn’t have to place a bet to take part in the action. Instead, you just have to step up to the table and order a round. The idea of shot roulette is that the drink you receive is determined by chance. In this case, we recommend using a small roulette wheel. Available beverages can range from water to tequila, so you should be ready for anything. Just make sure to keep the sessions short and don’t play this game too much.

Strip Poker

We don’t want the party to get too heated, but a few rounds of strip poker can be fun. As the name suggests, players have to take off their clothes when they lose at the game. An excellent way to organize this is to start each player with a small amount of chips. Every re-buy costs one clothing item. So if you are down to your underwear, you lose. Players can also cut their losses short and leave the table at any time. However, buying in back again will cost you two clothing items.

Karaoke Big Wheel

Big wheel live games have become quite popular with online casinos. Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming is a significant hit, and you can have something similar at your party. Instead of putting numbers on the wheel, choose some classic karaoke songs. There are plenty of options, from Wannabe by Spice Girls to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer. Guests can come up and spin the wheel to see what song they get and then attempt to sing it. Some matches can be very entertaining and amusing.