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Nowadays, online gambling commercials are pretty rare. Depending on the regulations in your country, you might not even get to see an online casino ad on TV. In some countries, gambling ads can only be run after midnight. Other markets have even stricter regulations. While we understand why this is the case, we also think it’s a bit of a shame. Some operators have launched various amusing ads over the years. Ranging from cheeky to very controversial, not all of these ads caught on, but they created some smiles. Unfortunately, some online casino commercials designed for particular markets events got banned in those markets.
So, are you interested in seeing the funniest online gambling commercials ever go live? We have an entire list ready for you right here. These are in no particular order since it is difficult to measure the level of funny for each ad. However, we can recommend going through them all for some gambling-related entertainment.

BGO – Beat the Boss

Probably the funniest online casino campaign was Beat the Boss at BGO. The campaign was massive and lasted a few months. Throughout the promotional period, BGO showed off a character who was rather full of himself. He was mean, lived an extravagant lifestyle, and didn’t like to lose. Verne Troyer played this larger-than-life character, coming off of his success as Mini-Me in Austin Powers.
Several ads were running during the BGO Beat the Boss campaign, and they were all rather funny. The highlight was the remix of U Can’t Touch This, featuring the little boss in various locations. Can’t Beat Me was pretty catchy and was meant to encourage players to join and try to beat the boss. Verne Troyer delivered and made the character funny in various ways. Even the bodyguard was amusing as he broke down some of MC Hammer’s iconic moves.

Another ad from the same campaign followed a massive jackpot win at BGO. A player named Hilton won £3.8 million on slots, on a bet of just £10. BGO made an ad with the boss freaking out at first and thinking Paris Hilton was behind the win. He then appears, making a press statement congratulating the winner, somewhat annoyed. Also, he found out that Paris was not the Hilton in question. The ad pokes some fun at casinos congratulating winners on multi-million jackpot wins.

Since we are on the topic, Paris Hilton did appear in an ad for BGO. Here, the boss is looking to hire a new assistant and Paris Hilton is interviewing. First, however, the boss gets a glimpse of what this will look like in a vision. As he returns from vacation, his luxurious casino receives a complete makeover, with pink being the primary color. Paris was quick to add her signature style to the casino, and the BGO boss wasn’t pleased about it.

Even Dan Bilzerian appeared in a BGO ad. He challenged the boss to a blackjack game and hit on 19. Bilzerian won the hand and left with an extra gold bar. Oh yea, him and his gorilla bodyguard.

Paddy Power’s Controversial and Funny Betting Ads

Paddy Power has had some controversial ads over the years. The Irish bookmaker is available in various countries throughout Europe and is planning to launch in the US. However, if it plans on keeping its signature style for ads, it is best to get used to it as quickly as possible. Here, we will look at some of the most iconic Paddy Power online betting ads from different regions.
The first on the list is an ad for the Italian market. Sadly, it was quickly banned, and so not many potential customers got to see it. In the ad, Paddy Power responds to a comment on their Facebook page regarding a miracle game. Next, Jesus appears running in on the field, healing injured players, filling stadiums, and stopping match-fixers with a baseball bat. Considering all of this, it wasn’t really a surprise to see three major networks ban the ad.

And since we are on the topic of controversial Paddy Power ads, we have to mention the blind football one. As the name implies, the ad shows two teams playing football while blindfolded. One of the players kicks the ball out of the field, and a cat makes a mistake to run in. Then, since the players were blindfolded, one of them ended up kicking the cat in a tree. The commercial then continues to present the money-back specials available on the online sportsbook. The good news is that the cat seems perfectly fine, although it may now be stuck in the tree.

In 2017, Paddy Power had a series of commercials highlighting some of the people in football that don’t get recognition. The ads were hilarious, from the bus driver bringing the fans to the match to the steward keeping the peace. Plus, they were based on iconic songs, which made them quite catchy.

On a lighter note, Paddy Power ran a commercial suggesting using video replays for day-to-day tasks. The ad shows the offside line used for determining the first one at the bar and various other topics. The goal is to sort out all the nonsense off the pitch, and VARs would undoubtedly be helpful. While not as controversial as some of the other Paddy Power ads, this one is definitely keeping the brand style.

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William Hill – Gambling at Home

We know that gambling online is a lot more convenient and easier to do. The best part is that you can do it in basically any casual setting. Consequently, this is what William Hill did in this ad campaign. The commercial shows casino players betting the same way they would at home while being in a luxurious casino. We see a man walking out of the shower and onto the casino floor. In addition, another player with his feet on the table and a couple eating at the roulette table. At first look, his all sounds insane, but online gambling makes it possible. Players can place real money bets while sitting back on the couch or while waiting for dinner. Check out the funny William Hill advert here.

Sportsbet – Cash Out and Mobile App

Sportsbet ran a series of TV ads in 2015 in which the bookmaker promoted its Cash Out feature. If you are not familiar with sports betting online, the Cash Out function allows you to settle bets early. In our favorite ad, Sportsbet shows two guys just following the match on the couch. However, one of the jinxes it, and so the team starts losing. The other guy watches on his phone as the winnings go down. Luckily, the Cash Out feature allows him to settle the bet before the conclusion of the match.

And since we are talking about Sportsbet, we have to mention the funny ad for its mobile app in Australia. The advert is quick to catch viewers’ attention with a girl in a bikini. It then continues with a state-of-the-art lab and a voodoo doll. What do all of these things have in common? Well, they can’t help you with your mobile betting. The Sportsbetmobile betting app is the solution, according to the ad.


Ladbrokes is definitely one of the funniest online betting operators when it comes to TV ads. The brand is responsible for some weird commercials. Some were a bit funny, and others stood out in a particular way. We like it when big online betting companies take some risks in commercials just for the fun of it. We saw it with Paddy Power and with other brands as well.
Probably the funniest ad campaign launched by Ladbrokes featured Milan commentator TizianoCrudeli and British footballer Chris Kamara. The latter is shown advertising some fake products based on other popular commercials. However, before he could finish, Crudeli comes in shouting about Ladbrokes in his signature style.

Another successful Ladbrokes ad takes a different approach. It shows a group of mates where each one has his style of betting. From the guy who likes long odds and big wins, and takes significant risks, to the guy that calculates everything. In the middle, we also find the guy that bets only based on his gut feeling. Indeed, this is the guy that looks in the horse’s eyes before betting on it. We can all find something in common with some of these blokes. That is probably why the ad was so successful.

In 2021, Ladbrokes wanted to change some things up, and it also brought this concept to its ads. Mark Wahlberg is shown as the new Chief Entertainment Officer, and he comes with some big ideas. Mike Iceberg, as he is known, is all about Ladbroking everything to make it more exciting. He may start with a race or two, but his dreams soon turn to Ladbroking the entire world.


PointsBet had an ad that showed Shaquille O’Neil enjoying his retirement. The former NBA player is known for his massive size and charismatic personality. In this commercial from PointsBet, Shaq paints, golfs, fixes his car, dries his dog, and more. All of this while only using one hand. Why? Because he is holding his phone in the other hand to place bets on various sporting events.

PokerStars – Poker Face

PokerStars has had plenty of funny commercials over the years. One of them is the poker face ad, where a regular guy finds himself with a firm hand at the poker table. He figures that this is his time to shine and put his poker face to use. He has had plenty of practice from everyday awkward encounters